What is ASO?

App Store Optimization also known as ASO or App Store SEO

is the process of optimizing a game or application in order to maximize its visibility in the stores in Search (when users search) and Explore (when users browse), increase traffic to listing and improve conversion rate to generate the maximum volume of organic downloads.

It brings free high-quality users for Android and iOS app, helps reducing UA (User Acquisition) costs, and is the base of any Mobile Growth strategy.

ASO = Traffic + Conversion.

This process requires a critical understanding of how the stores work, the target user base, and the most relevant keywords potential users are typing or speaking to find apps or discover new ones.

Also, as stores are continuously evolving, nowadays it is very relevant to make apps visible in the Explore / Browse; this is Similar Apps (related), Featured, App Rankings… So, ASO evolves too.

Don’t get confused: App Store Optimization is not only about search. It never has been.


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